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Dr. Adam completed his Chiropractic degree with honors at Murdoch University in Western Australia. He has been treating families, athletes and workers in the area

for many years. ​

Dr. Ratajewski has also trained in sports chiropractic. He works on athletes from a range of sports including football, netball, softball, cricket, soccer, gymnastics, dance, aerobics, swimming and more.

Personally, he has a keen interest in all sports, in particular triathlons and kite-surfing.

He recently successfully completed a life long goal of finishing an Ironman. He was thrilled with his result, covering the 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km run in under 12 hours!

Dr Adam Ratajewski

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Dr Kevin Tanadi

Dr Kevin grew up visiting chiropractors and was always fascinated as to how much it could help people. It is of no surprise that this childhood interest grew further with Kevin pursuing a double degree in Science and Chiropractic from Murdoch University in Western Australia.

Dr Kevin is particularly interested in the bio-mechanics of the human body, and how chiropractic can help people. This has lead him to treat a variety of athletes, ranging from bodybuilders to international dirt bike racers.  With the growing number of patients experiencing complaints relating to ergonomics and posture Dr Kevin has developed a special interest in assisting with these issues.

Dr Kevin believes in a collaborative approach working with the patient together to achieve their goals using a variety of treatment options. These treatment options include chiropractic manipulations and mobilizations, Graston, dry needling, and soft tissue therapies.

Away from the clinic, Dr Kevin enjoys photography, and pottery in his spare time.

Kevin is also fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. 


Dr David Brown

David first experienced the incredible benefit of chiropractic care as a teenager with low back pain. Ever since, it his been his goal to share this natural and holistic therapy with as many people as possible, so that others might also be able to rely on their bodies and put away the pain pills. 


David graduated from Murdoch University in 2013, and has since worked as a chiropractor in Winthrop and coastal Mandurah. He has a special interest in treating migraines, but enjoys the variety of family practice and has had the privilege of treating patients from 1 week old to 98 years of age. 


Using a blend of chiropractic and rehabilitative methods, his approach is based on facilitating movement, muscle balance and coordination.  This gives him the flexibility to address the unique patterns of stress and vulnerabilty specific to each person.


David is a proud supporter of the Perth Wildcats, a keen hiker, and a lousy surfer.

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Dr Amy Hampton-Brook

Amy’s first experience with chiropractic came in the form of a receptionist’s position at a chiropractic clinic in Kalgoorlie. She was fascinated by the almost magic chiropractors would perform in reducing patients’ pain in just a few sessions, so when the opportunity presented for her to study Chiropractic, it was a no-brainer.


While working with all patients of all ages is an incredibly rewarding experience, since graduating from Murdoch University Amy has a reinforced her passion for working with children and plans to further her studies and specialise in paediatrics.


When she is not working in the clinic Amy or busy helping run a family business, you can find Amy out exploring the beautiful country we live in or tucked up somewhere reading a book (usually in the sun).


Dr Caleb Long

Bio coming soon

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Dr Shane Sutherland

Dr. Shane Sutherland has a keen interest in both traditional and sports Chiropractic. His treatments involve assessing the balance of joint, nerve and muscle function in your spine and how they impact on your every day life.


Shane is proficient in many forms of both new and traditional Chiropractic techniques, including Graston and ART, as well as being skilled in Activator, SOT and Thompson. This allows him to provide a multi-modal approach to improving your health, and allows him to switch between both intense and gentle treatments whilst still obtaining the results you desire.

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