• Adam Ratajewski

Tips for staying active in the office

Ensuring you are more active during office hours can not only benefit your general wellbeing but also benefit your spinal health. So what can you do to incorporate more movement into your day? Here are some tips we've put together which will help increase the amount of walking you do and keep movement through the spine.

Choose your method of transport to add more movement into your day. By simply parking your car as far away as possible from work, catching public transport or riding to work you will find the extra activity quickly adds up and the additional movement will immediately benefit your health.

Take the stairs. The elevator may seem tempting but by taking the stairs your health will only benefit from a slight increased heart rate. If you find the thought overwhelming you can split the distance and take the Elevator only a small part of the distance.

Take the face to face option. Technology has facilitated great ease in the workplace, with a quick email or phone call we can have the answer to the question without having to leave our desk. For your spinal and general health benefits get up and walk to your colleagues in the office for that incidental movement.

Walk during phone calls. Make mental reminders to walk during phonecalls or other tasks that don't require you to sit at the computer, if you can get a headset for your work phone this will allow you to get up whilst taking phone calls. If you have a pedometer or movement watch you'll quickly find the extra movement adds up.

Make movement reminders. Set a reminder on your phone, or make a mental note to have regular intervals of work and breaks away from the desk, i.e. 1 hour work, 5 minutes movement or make the most of your lunch break and get up and move.

By making conscious effort each day on how you can incorporate more movement into your day you will quickly reap the benefits and feel better for it.

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