Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Generally our chiropractors can adjust you in whatever clothing you arrive to your appointment in however many patients prefer to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. A dress or skirt may be deemed as unsuitable during specific adjustments but the chiropractors make use of towels for patients privacy.

I loved my results so much I want to tell everyone so that they can realise the same benefits. Where can I do this?

We love hearing about your success and hope that you share with your friends and families so that they too can benefit from Chiropractic. There are, however strict guidelines on what you can and can’t share as an official testimonial online. As a result we ask that you provide your outcome specifics to us privately, this helps our practitioners with their knowledge base and helps us to feel good about what our clinic achieves. When you share your review online (for instance on Facebook) we ask that you share only your overall clinic experience and not go into any detail regarding your specific outcomes from treatment.

How often will I need to visit?

The frequency of your visits will depend on the outcomes you require and how your body responds to your treatments. Your chiropractor will work with you to ensure appointment frequency matches what you are able to fit into your busy life as well as ensuring that you are achieving the outcomes you require from Chiropractic.

Can I use Massage and Chiropractic on the same day?

Some patients find a benefit in having a remedial massage immediately prior to an adjustment, this could be due to the massage loosening any tension in the muscles and allowing an easier adjustment of the joints. Other patients find that using remedial massage directly after an adjustment helps them to achieve better muscular release during their massage. Either way it can be very effective to get both treatments done on the same day.

I’m not sure about having my back ‘cracked’, is this what happens in every chiropractic appointment?

Our Chiropractors use a variety of treatments depending on the patient and their symptoms, manipulation, soft tissue therapy, dry needling and the activator technique are just some of the options available. In your initial consult with your chiropractor, we encourage you to discuss any treatments which concern you so that we can explain what is involved and you can make an informed consent.

Can you use Chiropractic for newborns?
Can you use Chiropractic for newborns?

Many people seek out Chiropractic care for their newborns - it is never too early to start Chiropractic care. As with any patient that comes through our doors we ensure that the treatment plan for a newborn is specific to their needs and you will observe that the treatment techniques used differ to how an adjustment is conducted for an older child or adult.

How do I pay for my appointment?

We are committed to making your entire visit to our clinic relaxed and stress free, this includes the payment options available to you. We offer on the spot claiming through our hicaps terminal, all you need to do is bring your private health card with you so that we can make the claim on your behalf. All you will need to pay is the gap payment (the amount remaining after your private health rebate). We offer eftpos facilities which includes AMEX as well as cash. 
If you are a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) card holder you will be happy to know that we welcome you to our clinic. We also welcome Medicare Chronic Care Plans.