We work with clients who are at an intersection, a pivot moment in their lives. Clients who are seeking true change and ready to do the hard work on and with themselves to create new levels of health, vitality and a more enriched life.

How we work

We work with you one-on-one, in packages of coaching sessions (in person, or via phone or Skype.) The right package or program for you will be recommended after we get to know each other at your first consultation. 

Your coaching may include any or all of the following treatment modalities and approaches:

  •    Life & directional coaching
  •    Eating Psychology
  •    Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and nutrition coaching
  •    Natural movement (including MovNat and Animal Flow principles)
  •    Elements of yoga
  •    A variety of strength and conditioning style activities
  •    Body Care & physical therapies (e.g. mobility, ART, Gua-sha, fascial work)
  •    Reiki & energy work
  •    Breathing & meditation
  •    A wide mix of Eastern and Western healing philosophies, tools and approaches

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