Do you experience...

  • Persistent health complaints like digestive distress and niggling injuries
  • Pain, restriction or stiffness in your body
  • Fatigue and low energy 
  • Weight issues
  • Feeling constricted and anxious around food and body
  • Pendulum swinging and confusion around how you should eat and exercise
  • A sense of wanting more for your life

We can help.

We offer a unique experience in how you approach your health and happiness. We deliver integrated, holistic sessions folding in movement and coaching on nourishment and life. Each session offers you the space to work on yourself, and have sacred time for yourself in the truest sense. We offer a professional approach that encourages curiosity, exploration and development.  

Through one on one coaching we...

  • Teach you how to reconnect with and move your body in a way that gives more than it takes away - play with movement, improve function, be in your body.
  • Guide you in creating a healthy, pleasurable and nourishing relationship with food - create a sense of freedom and relaxation in eating, improve health complaints and address body image concerns.
  • Help you reignite who you are and want to be in your life - expand your awareness and take the steps to create the life that you really want.

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