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Joelle blake

The mantra I like to keep in mind in my life and work is...

"Grant me the serenity of staying curious, the courage to be present for what is asking to be met, and the wisdom to keep my heart open." ~ Mary O'Malley

I've come to know healing only happens when we are curious. When we are able to look at our unwanted behaviours and health concerns with openness and the willingness to see a little deeper. 

I've come to realise you don't need to be fixed. Every thing you are experiencing right now is a call for you to look at what's not currently serving your health and your life, and to find a better approach to loving and looking after yourself.

I believe in cultivating your story. It has helped shape your beliefs and your beliefs shape your body. When we accept our stories we understand what shapes our beliefs and can so accept and shape our bodies.

The three elements that truly define my healthiest and happiest life are...

Pleasure. Playfulness. Perspective.

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Ross Blake

The mantra I like to keep in mind in my life and work is...

"Overthinking, overanalysing separates the body from the mind." ~ Maynard James Keenan, Tool

I've come to know that every body expresses itself differently, and yet curiously we all desire the same deep need for connection. 

I've come to realise that you'll never love your body if you don't ever love your body. The road informs the destination. If we deprive, force and shame our bodies into being what we want them to be, then we end up being deprived and shamed people - that's not love. 

I believe where we truly meet and love ourselves is in an authentic and embodied state of being. Embodiment happens when we really allow the mind and heart to dance as one, and at the intersection between art and movement, where we immerse in the experience of being truly connected to our bodies - an experience that exercise alone can't ever hope to offer us.

The three elements that truly define my healthiest and happiest life are...

Mindfulness. Curiosity. Acceptance.